Company Structure

People Plus Software

Incorporated in 1988, People Plus Software, or formerly known as T.J.S Consultants, is the first Thai company to have developed a fully-integrated, enterprise-level human resource management system (HRMS). With our vision to become the leader in human capital management system, we have intensely dedicated to research and development in order to build the world-class-quality HRMS that well responds the customer’s demand as well as constantly incorporates the latest information technology to ensure highest software efficiency and applicability for large-scale and multinational corporations. Over the past 24 years, our renowned software quality coopered with our team’s expertise in customer’s requirements analysis and project implementation, have proven why Peopleplus has been widely chosen among top companies in Thailand. To completely serve human capital management demand, we have added two new services for customers with various business requirements. : e-HR outsourcing service, the high-performance payroll and employee attendance processing services with instant online reports, and HRMS software as a service (SaaS) or HRMS on demand, the latest alternative that helps reduce the burden of IT infrastructure and HRMS software operations. To fulfill our mission to become the leading HR service provider, we have established the business values to which we firmly adhered:

Service Quality People Plus services are delivered with internationally accepted project management and quality assurance standards, integrity and professionalism.

Customer Satisfaction Our business goal is to create highest customer satisfaction through our high-efficiency services and operations.

Product Innovation We constantly and innovatively develop and improve our HRMS system to correspond with the changing customer needs and technology advancement.

Customer Benefits We ensure the maximum benefits for customers who purchase our software license and services by our excellent and attentive aftersales services.